2018 Isuzu N75.190 crew cab slidebed with second car lift

Product Code: SV6222

Chassis Specification

Make: Isuzu  
Model:  N75.190  
Emissions: EURO VI  
Cab Type:  Crew cab  
Transmission: Manual  
Suspension: Steel  
KMS: 319,233 kms.  

Body Specification

Make: Dyson  
Type:     HR 3000 LA                                                                        
Width:                                                                    Length:  
Wheel Skates:   
Design Load: 3000 kg.  
Lockers: Yes  
Winch: Yes  
Crane: No  
Remote: Yes  
Beacons: Yes  
Worklights: Yes  

Additional Information

2018 Isuzu N75.190 crew cab chassis complete with 3000kg low approach body and second car lift.

This vehicle is Euro 6, has done 319,233kms is a manual gearbox, was registered August 2018 and has an MOT until December 2024.