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Landoll Travelling Axle Trailer

Travelling axle transport and recovery low loaders


The Dyson Landoll travelling axle trailer, which is manufactured to full European specification brings a whole new dimension to heavy vehicle and equipment recovery. The advantages of the product stems from its simplistic design, with no loading ramps being stored upright creating rear obstruction or wind resistance which means fuel savings are immediately apparent. This flat trailer bed design also enables vehicles which are are longer than the trailer to be transported, as the loading ramp is the trailer; once the axles are hydraulically moved to the front of the platform, there is no danger of a vehicle slipping of the ramp during loading, with only three lever control, one for tilt, two to move the axles, third for the winch; with the option to have these controls on radio remote.

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  • Flat loading approach plate with keyhole tie downs
  • Front built in equipment storage lockers
  • Front mounted hydraulic loading winch
  • Haldex EBS European braking system
  • Dual hydraulic platform tilt cylinders
  • 1 3/4" (35mm) hardwood floor decking
  • SAF 11,000kg capacity axles
  • Air ride suspension


  • Winch capacity choice 12, 20 or 30,0000 lbs
  • Removable electric start hydraulic wet kit
  • 12" (300mm) platform over width outriggers
  • Bespoke paint scheme and colours
  • Galavanised trailer chassis finish
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