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NRC Sliders

Heavy recovery and towing equipment

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The NRC range of sliders has the unique facility to be able to slide the crane to the rear which allows boom operation at its maximum elevation without deploying any of the extensions to perform the highest capacity lift. This unique facility also moves the crane directly over the rear stabilisers and gives a maximum distance between crane pivot and the front counter balance giving the best stable lift performance, not equaled by any forward mounted crane.

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  • Locker storage tailored to suit your equipment model
  • On site paint and graphics to your fleet colours
  • V shaped recovery boom design
  • 360 degree winch rope sheath heads
  • Hydraulic sliding crane system
  • Winch rope cable tensioners
  • Manual rear conrol stations
  • Stylish body flyer systems
  • Rear winching stabiliser
  • Rear mounted D rings
  • Winch up back points
  • 3 wheel grid models


  • Extensive range of safety lighting equipment
  • Wide range of work area lighting systems
  • Wide choice of lifting forks and adapters
  • Full range of ancillary equipment
  • Manual, cable or radio controls
  • Optional stabiliser
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