***AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT 2024*** BRAND NEW Dyson Tevor Iveco Eurocargo 120EL22D CREW CAB ZP 40-C1 SLIDEBED

Product Code: NSV6051

Chassis Specification

Make: Iveco  
Model: Eurocargo 120EL22D  
Emissions: Euro Vi  
Cab Type: Crew Cab  
Transmission: Automatic  
Suspension: Steel  
GVW: 12000 kg             GTW: 15500 kg  

Body Specification

Make: Dyson Tevor  
Material: Steel  
Type: ZP40 C1  
Width:                                                                    Length:  
Wheel Skates:   
Design Load: 4000 kg.  
Lockers: Yes  
Winch: Yes  
Crane: No  
Remote: Yes  
Beacons: Yes  
Worklights: Yes   
Cones:  Cone carrier  

Additional Information

Brand new Iveco Eurocargo 120EL22D Automatic, Crew cab chassis complete with brand new Dyson Tevor ZP40 C1 steel body and second car lift.

4000kg low approach bed, locker, 1800kg second car lift, platform flyer, rear towing equipment, platform winch, radio remote control, work and safety lighting and cone carrier.

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