Roger Dyson flies the flag at Truckfest Scotland

The Roger Dyson Group enjoyed a great weekend attending Truckfest at The Royal Highland Showground.

Making the journey north is always an adventure in logistics as the group proved three into one really does go as they travelled up in convoy with an ERF for Karen Yuill fitted with a NRC Quickswap unit that front-lifted a Renault 220.12 fitted with a Dyson Hydraloader 5000SLa onto which had been loaded an Iveco 65C18D Crew Cab with a Dyson Hydraloader 2000La!

Customer vehicles on display for Roger Dyson included an Iveco 130E25D Crew Cab featuring a Hydraloader 5000SLa Super Low Approach slidebed with a second vehicle lift for Greenpark Garages of Montrose and a Landoll 410.48 travelling axle trailer, plus an Iveco 100E22D Hydraloader 3000SLa for M8 Recovery of Glasgow.

Tony Rayner was delighted to be able to handover the keys to Karen Yuill for the new ERF ECX 4 x 2. The Tractor unit is equipped with an NRC Quickswap recovery system. This equipment ensures that the truck can be used for recovery towing or pulling trailers. Whilst being lightweight, giving savings in tyre wear and fuel, the superb strength of the equipment grants the unit an excellent heavy lifting capacity of 12000 kgs. The vehicle was finished in the Karen Yuill fleet colours in the Dyson paint shop with all the parts being painted individually before being reassembled onto the finished vehicle. This attention to details ensures that all Dyson manufactured machinery has an unbeatable quality and finish.

Commenting on the show Managing Director Roger Dyson said “We are delighted to be able to come to Scotland and support this special event. The Scottish recovery operator market is of vital importance to our business and I am pleased that we have been able to talk to so many customers face to face over the past few days.” He added “We would also be pleased to see people at our new recovery vehicle showroom in Droitwich where we can show and demonstrate the whole range of Dyson equipment.”

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