Roger Dyson does it all in a day for Yalberton Autos

John Denbow, Managing Director of Devon-based Yalberton Autos, admits he just didn’t think it could be done.

But recovery body specialist Roger Dyson achieved the remarkable feat of collecting and getting his slidebed-equipped Fuso Canter back to its factory workshop, completing an important modification and then returning it – a round trip of over 300 miles – in a single day!

“I have to take my hat off to them,” laughs Mr Denbow. “It looked impossible to me but the team at Roger Dyson were happy to take on the challenge, and deserve credit for an incredibly fast turnaround.”

Yalberton Autos bought the new truck, which is equipped with a Roger Dyson Hydraloader 3000 La (Low approach) aluminium slidebed and second lift, after picking up an extended contract from the AA to cover a large swathe of Devon.

“We needed the vehicle to cope with the extra workload so the last thing we wanted was for it to be off the road,” continues Mr Denbow. “My inclination when Dyson’s engineer called to say they wanted to modify the bed, was therefore to refuse, because we couldn’t afford to be without the truck.

“Then he offered to send someone down to Paignton to collect the vehicle, take it back to their workshop in Droitwich, do the work and return it to us the same day. I was sceptical but he assured me it was possible, so I decided to let Dyson prove it.”

Early the following morning a Dyson technician set off on the 150-mile drive to Yalberton’s premises, arriving just before 8am.

Roger Dyson Service Manager, Johan Stolt, takes up the story: “It was a ‘big ask’ but we were confident we could deliver on our promise,” he says.

“Luckily the modification was fairly straightforward, and five hours after it arrived in Droitwich we were waving the vehicle off again – with a different driver this time – for its return journey to Devon. It arrived at around 11pm, 15 hours after collection, so although we had to work flat out we beat the deadline with time to spare!”

The aluminium Hydraloader 3000 La is a relatively new addition to the Roger Dyson product range and after Yalberton’s vehicle was delivered, the Droitwich firm’s engineers identified a way to improve the design.

“We came up with a simple way to improve the strength of the bed without adding weight,” says Johan. “So we were keen to ensure that existing operators like Yalberton could also benefit from the improvement.”

John Denbow adds: “We were already impressed with the quality of the Dyson equipment on this truck, but I have to say the level of care and commitment the team at Droitwich have demonstrated is truly excellent. Well done Roger!”

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