Roger Dyson delighted not to get an order?

To those of who know Roger this may seem an incredulous statement. But to Roger it is a vindication of the quality and longevity of life of a Dyson manufactured recovery system.

Jim Smith, Managing Director of Kerr & Smith, has a reputation as a very shrewd businessman. Indeed from the Company’s start in 1975 as a commercial vehicle repair business, respect and loyalty from their customer base has allowed them to expand year on year to establish the now vibrant group of locations across south west Scotland. The Company now has over 100 employees across their business divisions. The recovery and accident repair is a vital part of the Kerr & Smith philosophy of being able to give maximum service to their customers.

Jim Smith has been a longstanding customer of the Roger Dyson Group for his recovery vehicles and has always enjoyed a good relationship with Roger’s staff. Therefore when he approached the Company about his new vehicle he knew that although a sale was not in the offing that he could still expect the help and service he had always received. The economic climate has made all operators analyse their costs very closely and it became obvious to Jim that although his 5 year old Iveco Trakker was now ready for replacement the same could not be said for the Dyson Commander recovery equipment on the truck.

Therefore the decision to have the system transferred onto a new Iveco Eurotronic Euro5 410 8x4 Trakker seemed logical. Although fully aware that Roger team in Droitwich could effect the removal and build onto the new chassis again economics dictated that it would be Kerr & Smith’s own engineers who would accomplish this task. In fact it took two men two full weeks to perform the operation guided by Roger’s team in Droitwich.
After the successful completion of the project and entry of his new recovery unit into service Jim Smith commented ‘I’ve always known that buying recovery systems from Roger Dyson meant that I was buying the best quality product in the market. To be able to extend the life of such an investment as this Commander unit really means that I have one of the lowest cost recovery units to run in the UK. I would like to thank Roger and his team who have given my engineers fantastic support as we decided to save money still further and carry out the conversion in our own workshops. Although I do not need a new recovery system today I know where I will go to buy one when I do!’


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