Roger Dyson and NRC go from strength to strength together - 80 tonnes to be precise

As the latest £2million order of NRC equipment arrives at the Dyson factory in Droitwich the Company’s faith in the product is further confirmed with a successful record breaking 80t lift from the 60/80 at the NRC headquarters in Quebec, Canada.

Dyson‟s have been instrumental in introducing NRC‟s heavy recovery equipment into the UK ten years ago, acting as the Canadian firm‟s sole UK distributor. Since then Dyson NRC Sliders, Rotators and Quickswaps have built an unrivalled reputation as the industry‟s ultimate heavy recovery system.

Managing director Roger Dyson says all the Dyson NRC models built at the company‟s Droitwich factory feature equipment that has been selected specifically to suit the UK and European markets.

“We believe NRC offer the best recovery capacity in the industry and allow operators to handle the most difficult jobs with ease.” He says, adding that “I know of no other manufacturer that allows for a massive 25% margin of safety that has been applied to all NRC Sliding Rotators‟ capacities. This tried and tested feature only serves to increase the level of safety for operators and flexibility of the product when in use”.

The Sliding Rotator that best illustrates the two firms‟ robust approach to recovery equipment is the Dyson NRC 60/80, which lays claim to the title of „the most powerful Heavy Duty vehicle recovery system in the world‟.

The double outrigger spread at 229” x 269”, is the widest in the industry and with exceptional build quality, this powerful machine can lift 80,000kgs with incredible ease. This enables operators to do whatever they want to with a load, including moving it from one side to the other at full capacity.

The outstanding capability was demonstrated in June this year by Norbert Pigeon, CEO of NRC, at the Company‟s headquarters in Quebec. Using the NRC 60/80 sliding rotator on a standard Western Star chassis, the unit lifted a dead weight of 80,000kgs at a distance of 64 inches from the rear of the wagon, far exceeding the normal test distance of 48 inches.

Commenting for NRC, CEO Norbert Pigeon commented “Our companies share the same values and, like Dyson our recovery equipment is build for hard work and a long life. Also, the successful business partnership we have forged has resulted in the Roger Dyson Group growing, in just ten years, to become NRC‟s largest distributor outside North America”.

NRC Industries Inc. first approached Roger Dyson Group in 1997 following the appointment of Englishman Bruce Jackson as its export sales manager. Bruce, who lives in Ottawa, knew of the British company‟s capability and its reputation in the UK Market. NRC was seeking a partner to represent its equipment in the UK market and a visit to the Montreal manufacturing plant was arranged to enable Roger Dyson to review the facilities and outline how it would represent NRC in the UK and Europe. So successful was the meeting that an agreement was reached before the three-day visit was concluded.

Commenting on the collaboration between the two companies, Roger Dyson says: “NRC produces the only sliding rotator recovery system in the world and as its rotators and sliding cranes operate very differently from the Commander underlift systems we manufacture at Droitwich, there was no product clash and the benefits of both systems could be presented to customers without any conflict of interest.”

Explaining the operational differences he continued “The NRC equipment enables Dyson to create a very powerful recovery crane equipped with hydraulic stabilisers and dual winches. It is built primarily as a heavy lift recovery unit then adapted to deal with lift, tow and transportation of disabled vehicles once the recovery has been completed. The Dyson Commander approaches vehicle recovery in a completely different way. It is built as a heavy duty lift and tow unit, which can then be fitted with optional equipment such as one or two winches, hydraulic stabilisers and crane boom, allowing it to perform recoveries to levels the customer requires.

The NRC and Dyson Commander systems complement each other well and cover all current UK and European requirements for heavy recovery equipment from 12 to 80,000kgs capacity.

The Dyson Group carries stock chassis from DAF, Iveco, Scania and Volvo to suit heavy recovery equipment, the most popular chassis specified for NRC equipment in the UK and European markets. With its extensive manufacturing experience, matching the NRC recovery equipment to European chassis is fairly straightforward for Dyson. Extra strength is incorporated into the chassis of larger units to allow the equipment to perform to its full capabilities.

Bodywork receives special attention as only the rear end of the NRC unit is used with the front end locker system storage of equipment and extra body option manufactured by Dyson to the customer‟s requirements. Roger Dyson Group manufactures the storage locker systems to suit the European vehicles and the axle layouts, which are completely different to the Canadian specification. Build quality and consistency of finish is guaranteed as the complete build and finish process takes place on site in Droitwich including paint work and sign writing.

Today, the NRC sliding rotator is the best selling rotator system in the UK, outselling the competition by a ratio of two to one, and is the most powerful overboom crane available in the UK, easily outperforming standard fixed boom cranes. This is due to its unique sliding system, which enables it to operate at higher capacities when the crane is moved to the point of lift, thereby reducing the radius and increasing the distance between the crane boom system and the front end stability.

Currently, Dyson is selling between 25 – 30 units per year ranging from a Quickswap unit at £20,000 to a fully sliding 80 tonne rotator, the value of which, including the appropriate chassis, is in excess of £400,000.

The recent £2m order placed with NRC consists of 40/50, 50/65 and 60/80 sliding rotators models, all of which incorporate the sliding crane system. Other equipment orders include the NRC Quick Swap and the 9735 slider - the best selling NRC product Dyson sells in the UK market.

The timing of the order takes into account the long lead times required for this type of chassis and equipment. Responding to the requirements of the European vehicle recovery industry means Dyson needs to hold a stock of products in the UK so that customers don‟t have to concern themselves with lead times from Canada.

As customer training is vital, Dyson uses specialised trainers who have themselves been trained in depth on NRC equipment at the Droitwich factory. Similarly, Dyson sales and maintenance staff benefit from ten years accumulated experience of the unique features of the NRC equipment and from the knowledge and experience Dyson has gained from manufacturing its own heavy recovery systems.

Looking back, Roger Dyson says: “We are delighted with this collaboration and I a real sense of satisfaction that we introduced a unique range of heavy lifting equipment that makes the work of vehicle recovery operators throughout the UK and Europe safer and more efficient.”

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