Professional Recovery Editor Dave Gregory interviews Roger Dyson

40th Anniversary give away – an offer too good to pass up

Professional Recovery Editor Dave Gregory interviews Roger Dyson as the first of Roger’s 40 anniversary give-away trucks are about to leave the Droitwich factory..........

The first trucks ordered in the Roger Dyson 40 year anniversary give-away will be rolling out of the Droitwich headquarters later this month.
That is the very positive news coming from Roger Dyson and when I popped into his head office for a chat last week, Roger was delighted with the response.
He told me: “When I was thinking of ideas to mark my forty years in the business I wanted it to be a gesture to reward the loyalty shown to me by my customers and I have to say the response has been tremendous.
“The first orders under the ‘give-away’ are now rolling out of production and are awaiting their hand-overs to their new owners in June.”
What great news for Roger in his fortieth year of building recovery truck equipment!
He started back in December 1969 whilst he was still a breakdown operator himself.
“I was very busy in my days as an operator,” continued Roger. “I carried on for quite a few years doing both, offering a 24-hour recovery service and servicing a couple of police contracts, West Mercia and Warwickshire, but eventually I thought I could do better concentrating on the recovery truck building.”
So, even though he started building trucks in 1972, the Roger Dyson Group became specialist equipment bodybuilders in 1982 when he opened the Droitwich Plant and they have never looked back. In those days Roger had competitors but he was more likely to lose an order to Wreckers International or Brimec of Bristol (who he later bought and moved it to Droitwich). Those were really pioneering days and Roger quickly built a reputation for building solid and reliable trucks and equipment.
He remembers the development of trucks from fixed beds with loading ramps to slidebeds and further down the line into today’s super low approach specialist slidebacks.
Underlifts hadn’t been invented so operators managed with hydraulic cranes with A-bars and lifting chains. Speclifts and underlifts were soon to follow and latterly the giant rotators, so Roger has lived and worked through all these developments of the recovery industry.
I asked him if the development of the UK recovery industry reflected the US model of recovery trucks.
“Not really,” he replied. “The US truck builders are massive in their own way but the UK industry has developed many of the recovery truck equipment we see today. The US was more taken up with tilt beds where we went for slidebeds and the underlift idea came from Sweden.”
The Roger Dyson Group became the UK’s leading manufacturer and Roger is rightly proud of the way his Droitwich premises have developed with his business.
“We have invested heavily in our plant and in particular in two areas,” he said. “Our metal preparation is state-of-the-art with cutting, guillotining and forming to shape all in-house.
“The paint department has recently been re-equipped and includes our own recycling shot-blasting plant and three high-tech paint ovens.”
Add to this the comprehensive stores department has parts in stock for vehicles made at the very start.
The staffing levels have dropped in the past three years since the recession started to bite but Roger sees positives in this.
“We have 45 staff now working across the various departments, but we are less top-heavy in the management areas and our staff are highly motivated and understand our customer commitment.”
The Droitwich factory turns over 150 conversions a year from lightweight slidebacks to a giant 60 ton sliding rotator.
Back to the 40 year celebrations and Roger clearly wanted his customers to share in the celebrations and benefit financially. The first 40 customers to place an order will benefit from an automatic upgrade to their vehicle and the upgrades are negotiable but mount in value aligned to the size of the truck conversion.
For instance, if a customer orders a heavy recovery truck they could benefit from a crane boom or a second winch – an estimated saving of up to £6,000. And there are impressive savings on the smaller equipment conversions.
If a customer orders a standard slidebed they can be upgraded to Roger’s market leading SLa (Super Low approach) which is a substantial benefit. The SLa is Roger’s brainchild and it makes the job of recovery so much easier, single lever control with its low angle of approach. The lowest sports car or special vehicle effortlessly loaded onto the back without the need for unsightly blocks of wood which don’t reflect well on the operator. The SLa opens up new markets for the operator and streamlines their operation.
If operators think it through, the Dyson offers can save them a huge amount of money and potentially cost Roger money, but he is comfortable with what he is doing and his payback to the recovery operator.
“This industry has been good to me and I see this as a very genuine opportunity to give something back to the hard-working operator,” he concluded. “You don’t have to be a Roger Dyson customer to take advantage and, even though I am very pleased with the take-up, there are still some upgrade offers left.
“I’ve had great support over the forty years from my customers and this is my way of saying ‘thank you’!”
All you have to do to show interest in taking part in the Roger Dyson give-away is to register your interests through his website. Many already have done, some have received quotations, some have placed orders already and as we said earlier, the first orders will be rolling off the production lines later this month.
Please register on-line or by the special registration cards already sent out to operators or you could try the age-old system of calling DYSONS direct – after 40 years in the business Roger Dyson will never refuse your call!

Re-produced with the kind permission of Professional Recovery magazine.

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