Police search for Roger Dyson from the Mersey to Kent!

The Roger Dyson group has always had a strong relationship with the country’s police forces and this is exemplified with the recent order of four recovery vehicles for Kent and the Merseyside forces.

Kent Police have decided that the top of the range 3000 La Low Approach Slidebed fits their requirements perfectly and has had the Hydraloader Slidebed fitted complete with a PM2521 lorry loading crane, to two Mitsubishi Fuso 7C18 day cab chassis that also include an additional motor bike loading trolley and storage. The Low Approach Hydraloader is the best selling slidebed in the Dyson range with an initial 6° loading approach thanks to its simple but effective design. The crane enables the police to quickly recover the stolen item, where the Hydraloader is used for the recovery and transportation of not only the fleet vehicles but damaged and abandoned vehicles used in crimes or as part of a criminal investigation.

The Merseyside force have opted for two new Iveco chassis but with two different recovery systems; the Iveco 65C 18D crew cab has been fitted with an Enforcer 2 spectacle lift where the Iveco 75E 165 chassis has a 3000La Low Approach Hydraloader slidebed with platform flyer, hydraulic winch and second vehicle lift. The Enforcer 2 spectacle lift is designed for single operator use to provide speedy recovery of cars and light commercials. The Enforcer has 2500kgs capacity from the main lift and also from the boom tilt system; equipment storage is included in the zinc coated steel locker system. The body mounted flyer system carries the police specification lighting system.

The Hydraloader La, which designates Low Approach loading angle, has now been in production for over 20 years with several thousand units operating throughout the UK and Europe. It’s well proven but simple design is mounted to the chassis via a sub frame which has dual tilt cylinders to allow the best and most stable platform during the loading. The platform is slid to the rear by a single hydraulic cylinder to create a loading platform of less than 10° depending on your chassis choice, but is improved by the low approach last section of the platform, which allows the casualty to approach the platform which is now at 6°.

Roger Dyson discussing the police orders commented ‘I am delighted that once again our recovery systems have matched the exacting standards set by these Police Forces. Each unit has been manufactured to the forces own individual specification so all the customers’ requirements are matched 100% by our skilled manufacturing team. We have a strong ongoing relationship with the police forces and I look forward to meeting their individual requirements and future orders


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