Landoll gamble pays off for Auto Services

Auto Services Perth Director Steve Crozier freely admits that he took a chance when investing in his new Roger Dyson Landoll travelling axle trailer.

“It was our first venture into the heavy recovery business and we weren’t completely sure we would have enough work to keep it occupied,” he recalls.

“Roger Dyson understood our hesitancy and offered an excellent deal, with a guaranteed buy-back if things didn’t work out. There’s no chance of that, though – it’s only been on the road a couple of months but we couldn’t possibly manage without the Landoll now!”

Auto Services Perth is an approved Iveco truck servicing agent, and required to provide 24-hour emergency cover for the manufacturer’s customers under its Assitance Non-Stop scheme.

“We’d previously relied on other operators to provide heavy recovery services,” recalls Mr Crozier. “But because we wanted to guarantee the exacting level of service required, we took the important decision to bring this aspect of our business in-house.”

The Landoll 410.48 has a fully hydraulic, 48ft platform (Landolls are also available at 41ft) and offers an ultra low loading angle of less than six degrees. Other features include optional side-mounted outriggers and a 20,000lb remote-controlled winch which is recessed into the floor and does not, therefore, restrict the load space.

Fitted with three Haldex EBS electronically braked 11,000kg axles SAF low-loader axles, it is designed to a gross vehicle weight of 53,000kg. This gives a maximum carrying capacity of 44,000kg, sufficient to recover a six-wheeled tractor unit with fully laden tri-axle trailer.

Mr Crozier says: “The Landoll is easy and safe to use for a single operator, and superbly engineered. It works full-time with a 44-tonne 440hp Iveco Stralis, which we sourced as a used vehicle though the Iveco network, and has been kept extremely busy ever since we took delivery.”

He continues: “We run seven other recovery trucks but this is our first piece of Dyson equipment. Having met Roger at last year’s Tow Show, and seen the quality of vehicles he had on display, it definitely won’t be our last though. In fact, we’re already talking to Roger with a view to ordering a Hydraloader SLa (Super Low approach) slidebed and an accident unit with a PM crane and second vehicle lift, both of which will be mounted on 12-tonne Iveco Eurocargo chassis.”

As well as working for Iveco and for organisations such as RAC Commercial, Auto Services has seen a new and unexpected avenue of business open up since introducing its Landoll.

“We received a call from the AA saying they had a stranded stretched limousine which needed recovering from a roadside in Dundee, but they weren’t sure how to lift it. I told them we had the perfect piece of kit for the job!” says Mr Crozier. “Since then we’ve been in touch with every stretched limousine operator across Central Scotland, so if they break down they know exactly who to call.”

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