Dyson Landoll lifts Roy’s Autos to new heights

Roy’s Autos has added a new string to its bow in the shape of its first Dyson Landoll travelling axle trailer.

The acquisition means that rather than allocating some heavy recovery jobs to third-party contractors, as it had to do in the past, the Barnsley firm can now handle them in-house.

Its latest investment underlines the operator’s determination to eliminate any risk of damage to its customers’ trucks, buses and coaches during recoveries or transportation.

The Landoll was supplied by Roger Dyson Group – as well as manufacturing its own comprehensive range of vehicle recovery systems, the leading specialist is the sole UK and European distributor for US-built Landoll trailers.

Roger Dyson also fitted its customer’s 6x4 Volvo tractor unit with the hydraulic systems required to operate the trailer, at its workshops in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Roy’s Autos’ new trailer has a fully hydraulic, 48ft platform (Landolls are also available at 41ft) and offers an ultra low loading angle of less than six degrees. Other features include Haldex EBS electronically-braked 11,000kg SAF low-loader axles, and a 20,000lb hydraulic winch with radio remote control.

Roy’s Autos runs a fleet of 35 recovery trucks, several of them built by Roger Dyson. The line-up includes a Renault-based accident unit with a Hydraloader 8000 SLa (Super Low-approach) slidebed, as well as Hydraloader La (Low-approach) slidebeds plus Transloader TR2 aluminium transporters.

Director Mark Needham, whose father Roy founded the business in 1976, says: “We’ve been buying Roger’s equipment for years and it’s always proved to be well built and outstandingly reliable, while his after sales service and parts back-up is very good too.”

Mr Needham continues: “Our new Landoll is brilliant. It’s easily operated by a single individual and has brought valuable extra flexibility to our business.”

The new trailer is being used primarily to undertake recoveries on a busy stretch of the M1 through South Yorkshire.

“It’s a lot easier and safer to put a big vehicle on the back of a trailer, rather than lifting and towing it on a recovery vehicle,” adds Mr Needham. “With eight-wheelers, for example, you can bend the chassis if you lift the front wheels off the ground, while you can’t pick up a truck or coach if the wheels have been too badly damaged in an accident or burned off in a fire.

“We had previously to get someone else in to do jobs like that, but now that we have our own Landoll it’s all in a day’s work for us. The new trailer is doing everything we’d hoped – like our other Dyson products we really can’t fault it.”

As well as 24-hour recovery services, Roy’s Autos offers general vehicle repairs and servicing, Class 4 and 5 MoTs, tyre fitting and HGV inspections.

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