Chambers Garage take delivery of their first Super Low Approach slidebed from Roger Dyson

Chambers Garage based in Penrith have increased the flexibility of their fleet with the purchase of a Mitsubishi Fuso 7C18D chassis cab complete with a new Dyson Hydraloader 3000 SLa Slidebed system.

Ian Chambers has been buying vehicles off Roger Dyson for over 20 years, starting with a Ford Cargo chassis incorporating a Whittaker Crew Cab with a Dyson Tilt and Slide system in 1985. More vehicles followed and now the business operates a fleet of 8 vehicles including an 18t accident unit and 3 Dyson Low Approach Hydraloader

The new flagship to the fleet gives the increased flexibility to meet the demands modern car design is placing on recovery operators, especially at the prestige end of the market. The two key features that sold the technology to Ian were the super low angle of loading and the simplicity of operation. The 4.9degree loading angle, the lowest available in the market, means that the loading and transporting of prestige cars with low ground clearance and also light commercial vehicles with long rear overhangs is now an easy task rather than a difficult chore with the inherent risk of damage to a customer’s vehicle. In addition the SLA Hydraloader’s one lever operation means that driver training is now simplified and easy operation in the field a reality.

The vehicle for Chambers Garage was fitted with a platform flyer, hydraulic winch, under-run rear bumper, rear towing equipment, stainless steel protection strips to the bed, remote control and was finished in-house in the corporate colours of blue and yellow including sign writing. The finishing was added with the number plate CG 57 TOW. Ian Chambers was thrilled with the look of the finished vehicle when he collected it from Roger Dyson’s Droitwich factory and commented ‘Roger really does something different to all the competition, the build quality is second to none’.

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