As good as new. An alternative way to buy the best recovery equipment in the business.

The Dyson difference doesn’t finish when a new vehicle leaves the premises. We are used to hearing about the quality of Roger Dyson’s products and it would be easy to assume new vehicles are the only focus for the business.

When you look under the skin of the business nothing could be further from the truth. Based at the Droitwich factory is an extensive service, refurbishment and accident repair centre. This fits in perfectly with the Dyson spares service and the new on-site shop.

In the photograph you can see the latest vehicle to roll off the Roger Dyson production line. You may care to look more closely at the photograph because this Volvo Globetrotter is actually an ‘S’ registered vehicle from 1998. Not only is the vehicle finish the result of the superb work by the Dyson team but the NRC9735 sliding system that has been fitted to the vehicle is also a refurbished unit, having been in service on a different chassis since April 2000.

Managing Director Roger Dyson speaking about this latest project said ‘The key to our business is to be able to respond to customer demand. With a high turnover of both new and used vehicles through our business this means we can produce quality products for a wide range of budgets. As you can see from the finish of this vehicle we put as much care and attention into a second-hand refurbishment project as we do into a new recovery vehicle conversion. We understand the pressures that our customers are experiencing in this current climate which is why I am proud to say that we have the ability to be able to respond with top quality products that have the longest life and therefore lowest long term operating costs in the industry’.

The customer for this superb piece of engineering is Bell Truck Services, who operate a 24hr Recovery fleet out of Beverley in East Yorkshire. Already operating one NRC 9735 system on a Scania 144 6x4 chassis Robin Bell explained his decision to buy a Dyson refurbished chassis and crane system as ‘...a logical step in this current climate. We wanted to add an additional sliding crane to our fleet but didn’t want to purchase a new vehicle. We knew the history of this particular chassis and of course the quality of the NRC unit. This coupled with the superb refurbishment work and final finish given by the Dyson team made the end result the right decision for us’.

The Volvo 6x4 heavy duty Globetrotter chassis with a 420 BHP engine and 14 speed Volvo gearbox gives ample power for the chassis to operate at 150,000kgs GTW running on a 9000kgs front axle and a dual 16,500kgs drive axle. The NRC 9735 slider crane system is the best selling NRC unit in the UK and has a full 24,000kgs triple stage recovery crane boom plus dual 35,000lbs hydraulic winches, outboard rear stabilisers, rear hook back points converted with the Dyson type ‘B’ locker system and the maxi reach underlift operated via cable remote control.

As well as sourcing a second hand chassis or recovery system to go on a customer existing chassis the Dyson team can also help in times of crisis. If your vehicle is involved in an accident and needs prompt attention then again the Roger Dyson Group is here to help as we fully appreciate the costs incurred when a vehicle is not on the road and the urgency required to put it right. Under the experienced eyes of Roger Hibbert the Dyson team of engineers are dedicated to getting your vehicle back out on the road and working for a living. If circumstances dictate that you require a replacement vehicle Dysons will be able to hire out a suitable operational vehicle whilst yours is undergoing repairs.

Roger is also keen to point out that Dysons offer a full all makes service programme for both your chassis and recovery equipment. ‘Being only 5 minutes travelling time off junction 5 of the M5 we are ideally situated in the heart of the country. We also have a team of travelling engineers on-hand who act as an emergency response team to ensure our customers get the very best service in the business’.

Alex Mills manages the Dyson Group Parts Department and offers an extensive parts service carrying over 2000 lines in stock which can be delivered to your premises on the UK mainland on an overnight service for all orders placed before 4pm, with those items not carried as stock items being delivered direct from manufacturer usually within 48h hours. Also under Alex’s remit on site and situated in our new Recovery Vehicle Showroom is the new Dyson retail shop where we carry a wide selection of everyday parts, clothing, and spares.

This rounded approach to customers ensures that the Roger Dyson Group is well placed to deal with the challenges of the current business environment. Whilst not forgetting the extensive range of finished vehicles for sale in the Company’s show room it is good to know that Roger’s team are as focused at ensuring the existing Dyson recovery units continue to do their work 24:7. Maybe now is also the time to look at other options for fleet renewal, such as the refurbishment project undertaken on behalf of Bell truck Services, with results like this Volvo NRC combination it is certainly food for thought.

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