A Tax Opportunity Not to be Missed

14th February 2013

Dear All,

It is not very often we get good news from our Government but on this occasion they seemed to have excelled themselves by reviewing the Annual Investment Allowance further details are attached for your convenience.

It really is self explanatory but the Annual Allowance which you could claim against Tax was £100,000.00 and in some magic overnight decision they have reduced it to £25,000.00 which as you can appreciate when you are making a large Capital Investment it does not give you much incentive.

To ensure that you have this information its worth discussing it with your Accountants in getting the best benefits now it’s increased to £250,000.00. The Government are billing this as a massive boost in an attempt to encourage investment amongst business owners I know they would like to take credit for this but they are only putting right the wrong decision they made previously.

However it does mean an awful lot to business’s like ours who are buying Capital Investment products and we need to get as much help as possible when making purchases as Tax efficient as possible. For this reason I encourage you to open the attached link, discuss it with your Accountants or alternatively I am quite happy for you to give me a call if any further explanation is required.


Best regards

Roger Dyson

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